Activate Your Website

When you upgrade to Member with Vemma you get 2 websites. One is your Vemmabuilder Opportunity Website, the other is a Free Website from the Corporation.

Logging into and setting up your VemmaBuilder Website

Go to this web site

Click on the link that says “VemmaBuilder Members and Pre-Enrollees click here to login “.

When you upgraded to member, you should have gotten a 9 digit Vemma ID # and Password in an email called “Your Dreams are about to come true”. Type that information in the spaces
provided and click on “Login” .

Click on “Back Office ” -

Click on “Account Info ” – in the first section, you can make any changes to your Personal Information. You can also change your password to something easier to remember. Also, if you need to change your credit card information just
click on that link.

In the second section click on “Update Allocation ”

Make sure the setting is set to “Default “.

Then click on “Update Allocation”

Then click on “Contact Manager”

Your VemmaBuilder Opportunity website should look like this:

(this is a made up number)

make sure yours has your 9 digit Vemma ID at the end.

**This is the website you will send your friends and relatives or co-workers who want to start a Home Based Internet Business.

Setting up your
VEMMA Corporation Website

As a VEMMA member you have your own free website which gives you your member and
customer downline info only. This website also keeps track of our earnings. Here is how to set it up:

Go to:

Click on the small gray box “MEMBER LOGIN ” (top right corner of page).


Fill out the form that comes up in the page titled: “VEMMA”. You will need your Vemma VID# (your 9 digit VID #).

Leave the SS# field Blank.

Fill out your personal information.

Leave Old Password blank.

In filling out the form please note: Your
password must be 6 characters long and must contain at least one digit. Retype password to confirm.

Click: “SUBMIT ”

You should see “Your Username and password have been created .”

Click on “Return to Login “.

Login with the Username and Password you just created.

Check the 2 boxes “I Have Read”.

Click: “SUBMIT “.

Now click on: “Manage Website “.

You should see: ” Website Name:

Confirm that your personal info is correct and if not, make any necessary changes.


You will see a screen that says your changes have been submitted.

Click on “My Account “.

Check your name and other personal particulars are correct. Make sure your name appear as FULL name because this is the name that VEMMA will
write on your bonus check.

You can click Log Out or Click on the other links to become familiar with this website.

**This is the website address where you will send people you know who want to purchase the
VEMMA Nutrition Product. Personal Contacts or Family members that are not interested in building a business, but would like to start taking the product. If you have someone who would like to be a member & start their own business, send them to your website so they can be included in the downline.

*** VERY IMPORTANT *** You must be on Auto
Ship for a minimum of one VEMMA Pack a month to be eligible to be paid fast start bonuses on your personal enrolled downline.

In order to develop a solid, secure business with long-term residual income, it is necessary to bring into your organization both people that want to build a business and those that just want to use the products. We have systems in place to help you find people in these areas. In addition to these programs, you might find that some of the customers and business people are among those people you already know.

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