Vemma Compensation Plan

Vemma uses the Dual Line Compensation Plan, which is based on a simple two team-building concept – a left and right team. Since there are just two teams to build, this creates excitement as new Members join, one after the other, down the team lines, helping the team benefit from the volume and creating greater leverage within the plan.

This Team Building allows members to earn commissions  on their personal sales and also the sales made by other people that fall under each member — no matter who makes the sale, even if they’re placed by  upline! Many experts have referred to this type of compensation plan as the fastest building pay plan in the industry, because it really is team work.

See the illustration above, for how Members might be placed in your organization.  It’s best for each Member to build down their Outside Left Team and Outside Right Team.

Watch the video below to learn more about how you would get paid with Vemma:

The best thing about the Vemma Binary Plan, is that to qualify for Team Bonuses, each member MUST put at least one personally enrolled Member on each team, so everyone builds on both legs.

If you choose to join Vemma, you will automatically be placed in one of your Enroller’s two legs (see the diagram ). Then, you can concentrate on building both legs and enjoy the potential spillover of new Members and Customers enrolled by people above!

The Vemma Compensation Plan pays out weekly, so Members have the opportunity to get paid every week, provided they have a monthly Autoship order.

The Following is the easiest way to describe the compensation plan:

  • There are only 2 Teams for each member to build, and each member is placed in 1 of those teams.
  • Members are paid on volume not levels.
  • Members can cycle hundreds or thousands of times in one month.
  • Sales in the power team will remain there until membership is qualified as long as the member is active (60 volume order – that’s around USD$60 depending on what country you reside in). Some of those sales may be flushed at the end of the year, in certain circumstances.
  • There is potential ‘spillover’ from upline, as Members focus on the “outside” leg of each team, as in the illustration above.
  • Members are paid a number of different bonuses weekly.
The Dual Line Compensation Plan features Different  Ways to Earn Income

1. Retail Income

2. Team Building Income

3. Global Bonus Pools

1. Retail Income

Retail Income is earned through the Customer Bonus, where members are paid a one off Fast Start Bonus for first orders, and a Consistency Bonus for each subsequent order.   Eligible enrollers can also earn retail profit on orders placed by Customers who are not on autoship.

2. Team Building Income

Team Building Income is developed by promoting the Vemma Business opportunity.

The following bonuses are different types of Team Building Income:

The Team Bonus

This is paid at the end of each four week advancement period. To qualify, a member must personally enrol four active members or customers, have a 120 CV autoship order and cycle at least once.  The Team Bonus will automatically round up total 4 weeks earnings to $60 US.

Instant Sponsor Bonus

A one time payment of $4 paid to a sponsor upon the first order of the member below them.

Fast Start Bonus

Paid on each First order of those Members personally enrolled – between US$10 and US$120 per order.

Consistency Bonus

Consistency Bonus  on each monthly order of those Members who they personally enrol – between $3 and $43 for each order.

Cycle Bonus

Cycle Bonus (2/3 PowerLeg – 1/3 ProfitLeg)  Approximately $25 USD each cycle, and there is no limit on the number of cycles one can earn.

Enroller Matching Bonus

10% on all personally-enrolled Member’s Cycle Bonus Check Amounts.

Second Tier Matching  Bonus

10% Matching Bonus on all  personal enrollees’ personally-enrolled Member’s Cycle Bonus Amounts

One Time Rank Advancement Awards

These are paid when a member has qualified at a new rank for TWO or THREE consecutive four week periods.  The amount is  between $100 and $25,000

3. Global Bonus Pools

Global Bonus Pools are 12-week pools that encourage team building and cross line cooperation by rewarding leaders with a bonus that encompasses 3% of overall Vemma sales.


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