How to turn FaceBook into a Free Leads Generating Machine

Mr Jim Chao co-hosted a webinar on Facebook Marketing just a couple days ago for an online marketing program.

I knew that networkers were hungry for marketing information, but never imagined such a big turn out.

So here is the story.
It was 5 min. before the webinar starts.  The attendee numbers were shooting up skyrocket.  Then within a few minutes, everybody got kicked off the webinar including all the panelist (server overload I guess?) It took almost 5 min. before we were able to load up the webinar again and we were expecting attendee numbers to drop since many might not come back.


Right after we got back on, the attendee numbers went from 0 to 1,000 (maxed out) within a couple minutes.  Then another 1,000 couldn’t get on due to the webinar capacity.

And that’s when I truly know that network marketers are extremely hungry for knowledge and want learn how to generate more leads for their business.

Normally, you need to be a member in the system in order to get access to the recorded versions of these webinars.

But because you are my blog reader, I’m going to give you private access to the recorded version of wednesday’s webinar.

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