The new Builder Pack Bonus Explained

The Vemma builder pack bonuses is an exciting way to earn “now money” for any Vemma brand partner.
For new Vemma brand partners just getting started, investing in a builder pack makes huge sense so you don’t miss out on any income that will pass you by.
For existing Vemma brand partners the “5 level payout” is extremely profitable and can lead to huge profits as you grow your Vemma success team.
Below is a chart on the payout of each builder pack and the days a new Vemma brand partner is qualified for all bonuses.
For example, if a new Vemma brand partner invests in a Gold pack they would be qualified for all Vemma builder pack bonuses at the highest payout for 120 days 5 levels deep. After the “Paid As” Rank Flag Days are up for a new member one would need to be qualified as a paid “Gold” to be qualified at the highest payouts on the “5 Level Payout.” The “Fast Start Bonus” is the same for everyone regardless of pin rank.
Keep in mind the 5 level payout follows your personal enroller tree. So every time you sign up a new Vemma brand partner your newest personally enrolled member is on your first level.
Please watch, Vemma’s founder and CEO BK Boreyko, video above for a visual explanation of how the builder pack bonuses work.
Once you truly understand the income potential of the Vemma builder pack bonuses you will have a hard time sleeping! — BK Boreyko
Please refer to the detailed explanation of Vemma’s compensation in your back office for qualifying details.

Vemma's new Momentum Bonus Explained
BK Boreyko introduces Vemma's new Momentum Bonus that is designed specifically to help reward people who are just starting out building their Vemma Business.
BK Boreyko’s goal in 2010 is to help 20,000 people earn $500 a month or more.
The new momentum bonus will put more money in the newest Vemma brand partners pocket.

Vemma Proper Binary Placement Strategy

There are many types of multi-level-marketing (MLM) distributor compensation plans which include unilevel, star-step break-away, matrix and binary.

The Vemma compensation structure is a binary plan. In my opinion, the binary compensation plan is the simplest and easiest plan to make money. There is nothing easier than building two legs. At the end of the day, the goal is to make money! So why not pick a compensation plan that is going to set you up for success.

Vemma’s binary compensation plan coupled with Vemma’s great products and the leadership of CEO BK Boreyko has put tons of Vemma independent distributors on the fast track to success.

Now that you have picked Vemma and the best compensation plan in the industry it is important to understand proper placement strategy so you can be off to a fast start and on your way to your income goals.

Binary Plan Explanation
The binary plan means you only have two people on your 1st level as illustrated above. Consequently when you enroll a new member once your 1st two positions have been filled you have to enroll new members below other members which is called spillover. The advantage to the binary plan is that you get credit for all volume below you regardless of who the enroller is provided that you are qualified.

you have to personally enroll someone on your left and right leg who is on an autoship of $60.00 and you need to be on a $120.00 autoship to take advantage of spillover.

Always build your outside legs and never the inside legs when enrolling new members.
This concept is extremely important to understand and here’s way.

  • The binary structure was designed to create momentum and by driving your outside left and right legs. Members will become extremely motivated if you are able to go back to them and say “you have members below you and with some effort I can so you how to make money.”
  • You can help everyone you personally enroll if you stick to always placing new members on your outside legs and never you’re inside legs.
  • Will grow at a much faster rate because others will become excited about the new members that are placed below them due to spillover.
  • Staying the course and sticking to this strategy will make your building much easier.
If you don’t get this concept make sure you talk to your upline so they can explain in detail so you understand the importance before enrolling new members.

What NOT to Do
  • Fill each position in each level as you enroll new members. BIG NO!
  • Enroll new members and use others as the enroller. The person that enrolled Ruth Elliott was Liz Samuelson, Liz makes over 12k a month on matching bonuses on Ruth’s efforts alone. Please refer to the Vemma compensation plan for explanation of matching bonus. The more people you personally enroll the more money you can make.
  • Over promise and under deliver when it comes to spillover. If you tell people you will be placing people below them, then live up to your word. The worst thing you can do is tell people you will be building a leg for them and then not deliver.
Stacking! Getting People off the Fence.

When you approach someone with the business opportunity they can only give you 3 answers. Yes, No or Maybe. You shouldn’t care which category they fall into. Here’s why.

Let’s start with the No’s.
If someone says no to the business, ask them if their health is a priority and see if they want to try the product. Tell them there is a money back guarantee and there is virtually no risk. Some of them will possibly join after the product works for them.

Next the Maybe’s.
People will say to you “I can’t sell something unless I believe in it first, so let me try the product” or “let me see how you do with it, or call me when you are making money”. What I do with these people is I put them “On The Fence”. I get them some product and I tell them I’m going to keep them posted on my progress, and I will follow up with them on how they like the product.

Finally the people that say Yes!
What I do with them is fill out a paper application. Once I have it filled out I tell them I’ll be putting them in the computer in a little bit. Then I go back to all the people who are “on the fence” and in the order in which I exposed them to the business, starting with the last person first, I tell them, “Hey I just recruited a person who is going to build Vemma with me. They are buying a builder pack and have already started making a list. Since I talked to you first would you like me to start building you a team while you are waiting for the product to work?”

I do this with everyone who is “on the fence.” Every time I get another yes from a fence sitter I apply that to the next person. “Hey John, I have 3, 4, 5 people that I am putting in Vemma today. Since I talked to you first would you like to take a position and I’ll put those people under you?” I always try and leverage multiple people into the business with each sign up. People hate to lose position.

You can teach this strategy to your teams and they can work together to recruit their fence sitters and build their common leg.

Understanding Vemma's Business Model
Learn how you can make an extra $500 a month or more with the Vemma opportunity. Best network marketing company today.
Vemma Royal Ambassador Tom Alkazin explains how a Vemma Brand Partner gets paid.

Who else wants to create a weekly income? The above video explains how anyone can make money with Vemma!

How To Enroll A New Vemma Brand Partner
How to enroll a new Vemma brand partner the fast growing network marketing company in the industry.

Vemma Auto-Delivery Question.
A frequent Vemma question we get all the time is how do you determine if someone is on auto-delivery and whether someone is on a 1 pack or 2 pack auto-delivery? Watch below video to learn how.

Vemma Website Genealogy Placement Strategy
A frequent question we get is “if someone goes to my Vemma website  orders product and becomes a Vemma / Verve brand partner how does the system know where to place the new brand partner in your genealogy.”

The video below explains how to properly set up your Vemma website genealogy placement strategy.

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