Using Ezine / Solo Ads To Grow Your Vemma Online Business

Ezine Marketing is one of the favorite methods of many top producers. The reason for this is that Ezine marketing allows you to “piggy back” off the credibility of someone else and in essence “rent” someone else’s list!

Ezines are online newsletters that people
subscribe to. When an ezine sends out an email with your ad in it the reader takes it more seriously because they have a “relationship” established with the ezine.

Recommended Advertising Sources:
The secret to successful SOLO ADs is CONSISTANCY! Create a budget for yourself, whatever works for you, and stick to it on a consistent basis long term. Plan to send 1-5 solo ads every week or every other week. Just remain consistent

These are recommended sources that I have compiled from trusted sources. This does not guarantee in any way your results. Advertising is still about testing. TEST. TEST. TEST. Do 10, if 3 work … great! Repeat those 3 and keep looking for 3 more!

More Great Ezines….
Xtreme Marketing Tips

Cash From Home

Super Promo

Pro Biz Tips

Admistress Advertising (Highly Recommended)

Rim Digest

SCOOP Ezine If interested, send an email to

Other Great Places to Place Solo Ads
Smart-list Solo Ads
Click Here to Visit the Website

The BizBarrel Newsletter

BizSiteBiz Ezine

Online Exchange

Premier Opt In

Still more…
24 Karat Marketer


Best News Marketing Gazette

BizWeb E-Gazette

Christian Times Newsletter

Contact Solos

DEMC E-Magazine

Direct Profits Ezine


Ecommerce Resources Ezine

Evieb Ezine

Ezine Adhelper

GetResponse Smart Ads

Guaranteed Money Ezine

HT Mail

Net Preneur News

Online Exchange

Online Marketers

OyesUcan Ezine


Sendfree Advertising

Send More Info (Contact Jerome Chapman)

Smart List Ezine

Straight Talkers

STWebFx Ezine

Super Promo

The Home Workers’ E-Gazette

Work At Home News

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