Twelve Sources of Internet Traffic to Your Vemmabuilder Opportunity Page – Part 2

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4. Ezines

Online magazines, electronic magazines and magazines that can be created and distributed electronically all fall under ezines. Ezines are usually free of charge but some do charge for your advertisement. The price differs based on the placement of the advertisement.

Ezines, being easily accessible, convenient and inexpensive, help send massive targeted traffic to potential visitors. Tapping on the strategy of targeted marketing undertaken by ezine publishers for their subscribers, you can also gain from the content, which will normally be of value.

5. Online Classifieds

Online classified advertisements are exactly the same as that found on newspapers just that they are online versions.They normally have two to three description lines and include your website address link. A simple search will help you find free online classified sites.

6. Banner Advertising

Banner advertising online is similar to classified advertising. The difference lies in that banner advertising uses a banner in the form of a colourful shape and has an image or logo of what you are marketing whereas classified advertising is restricted to mainly text. Clicking on the banner brings users to your website.

7. Press Releases

Press release services sites are easily available online. Publicise your business or website for free by publishing convincing and attractive press releases. Juicy details and interesting content are things being looked out for.

8. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO simply means optimizing your website so as to rank high in keyword search engines’ results. This can be done by firstly maintaining high-quality content. Keeping content relevant to your website’s subject matter will help. Secondly, it is to increase your link popularity as this will increase publicity of your website. Thirdly, using the right and effective keywords for your website that search engines look out for will deliver traffic to your website.

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