Build Your Business

The next step is for you to decide how you want to build your vemma business . YOU are the only one who can determine how successful you will be. Here are proven and Successful ways that Vemma Team Members are using.

Remember that whichever way you decide to build your Distributorship, the KEY to success is Communication and Education. Communicate
with your Upline and Downline and educate everyone to successful methods to build their businesses. This truly is an Internet Based Business. You don’t need to take orders or handle any delivery of product. You simply direct people to 1 of 2 websites to join your distributorship as a Member or Customer.

Remember you are recruiting people to join your distributorship. When interviewing distributors make sure you discuss all the different ways to build a successful Vemma Business.

The following are ways to build your VeMMA Business online.

1) Facebook Marketing
Facebook is actually more business oriented than MySpace and we will be able to find very qualified traffic within its walls: professionals, entrepreneurs, business owners, sales prospects, essentially the EXACT type of person we are looking for to build our business.
DO NOT SELL OUR BUSINESS or ADVERTISE on Facebook…that’s considered SPAM and Facebook is like any other social media
networking tool…they don’t care about our business anyways!

2) Video Marketing
Video Marketing is HOT! It is one of the easiest and most effective strategies to drive highly qualified prospects to our site for FREE!  Youtube is the 3rd most visited site after Google and Yahoo.

3) PayPerClick Marketing like Google Adwords etc
The FASTEST way to get traffic is Pay-per-click.  But it is also the most expensive.

4) Ezine / Solo Ads
Ezines are online newsletters that people subscribe to. When an ezine sends out an email with your ad in it the reader takes it more seriously because they have a “relationship” established with the ezine.

5) Free Classifieds
There are many Free Classifieds in the internet world.  Because it is FREE, so some effort and time need to put in to see result.

6) Forum Marketing

7) Content / Article Marketing

8 ) MySpace Marketing

9) Twitter

10) Blogging

11) Others

VemmaOnlineBiz will collaborate with some external online training sites to provide training lessons to our Vemma members.  Click here to check

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