Vemma Action Step Introduction
Action Plan Introduction, with BK Boreyko, Tom Alkazin & Ruth Elliott

Vemma Action Step 1: Your Dreams
Matt and Clif help you define your why? in the first of the 8 part training series

Vemma Action Step 2: Your Attitude
Matt and Clif choose to be positive and expect good things to happen. “Your attitude determines your altitude.” Set yourself up to succeed.

Vemma Action Step 3: Create Your Contact List
Matt and Clif review the the most important exercises for achieving success with your Vemma business

Vemma Action Step 4: Leading with the Product
Matt and Clif discuss effective talking points to use when presenting the Vemma product line and business opportunity

Vemma Action Step 5: What You Need To Say
Matt and Clif discuss effective approaches for you to present Vemma products and Business Opportunity

Vemma Action Step 6: Your Goals
Matt and Clif present Goal Setting 101. What do you want and when do you want it?

Vemma Action Step 7: Be a Role Model
Matt and Clif challenge you to embrace your role as coach and mentor. Duplication is they key to a successful Vemma Business.

Vemma Action Step 8: Take Your Business to the Next Level
Matt and Clif present the need for MASSIVE action and the power of duplication.

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