Vemma Australia Launches Fulfillment Facility

NEW PRICING…AUSTRALIAN BOTTLED PRODUCTS…LOWER SHIPPING COSTS… Beginning Monday March 1st, all Vemma product orders will be processed from the Australian fulfillment facility located on the Gold Coast, Queensland. With two (2) of Vemma’s famous products, the 32Oz Premix, and the V2 Fridge Bricks being bottled and packaged and shipped to Customers and Brand Partners in Australia/New Zealand, from Australia.

Now, Australian Customers and Brand Partners will be able to order these 2 products at much, much lower prices than before. eg: a 1x Pack of Vemma Premix (a months supply) will now cost only $74.95AUD  and Shipping anywhere in
Australia is now only $9.90AUD for a 1x pack.

Take a look at or  Australian Members, Log in to your Back Office and change your product Auto-delivery, or if you would like to reactivate your Auto-delivery click on the Buy Now Button and get your shipment started right now.

The news just gets better, as of right now, ‘Member Services’ will also be available from the Gold Coast Office, with Member Service Agents ready to answer your questions and help you with product orders and assist you as you build your Vemma Australia business. Click on the Contact Us link at the website for new
contact details.

With Vemma now available in over 50 Countries around the world, offering a Seamless Compensation plan.. NOW is the time to build your Vemma Business.  Join my team at

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