How to start Your Vemmabuilder Online Business Building System?

 In my seminar, Build your Vemma Online Business via VemmaBuilder, this question is always arise:

How to start my Vemmabuilder, if I am already a Vemma member? Or if I am not a Vemma member?

I decided to put my answer in this blog. I will start with explaining what is the difference between Vemma and VemmaBuilder. Vemma is
the company that manufactures and distributes the product you sell to customers and pays you your commissions and bonuses. If there weren’t a Vemma, there wouldn’t be a VemmaBuilder. VemmaBuilder is the revolutionary, automated system that harnesses the power of the Internet to help you build your business. Without VemmaBuilder, you would be slaving away to do business the very, very old-fashioned way. You would be making presentations in coffee shops and strangers’ homes, cold calling, writing and sending all of your own letters and emails, learning the business without any live training calls or support, and generally making darn slow progress at realizing your dream of financial freedom.

If you are already a Vemma member, go to
and key in your Vemma ID and click ‘Activate’ button. You will be forwarded to a payment page. Just pay the USD19.95 monthly subscription by credit card. Once the payment approved, your VemmaBuilder System is ready. You can now login to your VemmaBuilder BackOffice at with your Vemma ID and password. You will be given a opportunity page like this . See the example here .

If you are not a Vemma member yet, you can start as a Pre-enrollee with 90-day FREE trial on VemmaBuilder System. Go to any VemmaBuilder
opportunity page (see example here ) and simply fill out the form for the FREE tour. After click on ‘Begin Tour Now’, your VemmaBuilder System is ready. You will be given a 7-digit temporary ID and password to login to your VemmaBuilder BackOffice . Your opportunity page will be .

If you are ready to Upgrade to Vemma member, simply click on the ‘Get Started!!! ‘ tab at the
menu bar and follow the upgrade instructions. Upon completion of the upgrading process, you will receive your 9-digit Vemma ID in about a day or two, depend on which country are you from.