Build Vemmabuilder Traffic With Classified Ads

Classified advertisements create traffic to websites by attracting web users to click on them and then from there link the users to their websites. Huge amount of traffic can be created if the classified advertisements are placed in the correct section on a website .

It is not recommended to promote products and services on classified advertisements as it does not add value. They are mainly used to obtain contact details of prospects and to create traffic. The promotion should be done on your own websites as there would not be ample room to do so on classified advertisements. Web users will see your promotion on your website if they are attracted to your classified advertisement and link to your website from there.

Classified advertisements that are appealing and provide sufficient information are good traffic generators as they invite web users to link to your websites. So follow these steps to get your classified advertisements up.

1. Type the text you want to include on your classified advertisement on MS Word and check for any spelling or grammar mistakes.

2. At the advertising website, input heading, your URL and email address.

3. Copy the text from MS Word and paste onto the appropriate section on the classified advertisement form.

4. Click ‘Submit’.

5. Proceed to another advertising website.

6. Repeat steps 2 to 5.

Create traffic on your own using classified advertisements. Try out the following classified advertisements websites:

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